Wiskey Creek Fishing Hatchery Special Day

This is a nonprofit fishery that has a fishing day for disabled kids and their families. 

Mike Housley his wife Patty and son Steven invited President Larry Bickett and his wife to come down have some fun for the day. 

This event happens every second Saturday in September. There was about 400 people come in that day.

Here are some pictures from the event. Please consider next year volunteering some fun and time to this event.

Thank you Mike and Larry and families.

Located at7660 Whiskey Creek Rd, 
Tillamook Oregon 97141. 

The Whiskey Creek hatchery was developed by volunteers to enhance fishing on the Oregon coastal rivers, streams and ocean.

Feed the fish, enjoy the grounds and come back regulary to monitor the growth of the salmon.
Whiskey Creek Hatchery always welcome guests and new members to join in clipping, special kids fishing days, feeding fish and other events.
Visit, and better yet, become a member of Tillamook Anglers and thet will notify you of upcoming events. 
Whiskey Creek Volunteer Salmon Hatchery is an all volunteer project of the non profit Tillamook Anglers Corp.

They raise 1000,000 salmon annually. 


                                           Baiting the hook for the days event                                                                                                     Big Catch


                                       The Channel for the fishing event                                       Larry assisting                                               Tillamook Anglers  Sponsoring the Event

Enjoying the catch 



                                    The Machinists are always willing to help where we can.                                   Larry and Mike showing how to present your catch for a photo op.   


Mike and Patty Helping Kids with a very fun event.

Mike assting where it is needed.

Thank you Local 1005 Members that helped out on this special day. Hope to see more members out there next year.