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Local Lodge 1374         http://www.iamll1374.org
Local Lodge
63              http://www.iamll63.org

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District W24    IAM/Woodworkers Lodge  http://www.iamw24.org
District 70                       http://www.d70iam.org 
District 160                    
District 751                     http://www.iam751.org

IAM International Site    http://goiam.org

Labor's Community Service Agency, Inc.

Eryn Byram  - Executive Director

Office Manager

Laborís Community Service Agency, Inc.
9955 S.E. Washington St
Portland Or 97216

(503) 231-4962
Fax: (503) 231-4963 

Please contact your Business Agent for information


Dave's Page of Great Resources

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211 is United Way's Strategic Partner offering a free information and social service referral hotline. If you are looking for services in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, please dial 2-1-1 on your phone for a toll-free call.

United Way General Help

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 Daimler/WesternStar Truck Plant & PDI Employees

Zenith Administrators for Cobra Benefits


These are the administrators of your health benefits, you can call them to start you Cobra Medical benefits if you need, call them and ask a bunch of questions.


 WesternStar Truck Plant & PDI Employees
 Click here to view a copy of the 2016 - 2021 Contract

To see the 401k LOU please click here



These are just some of the large amount of Union made Clothing and item stores, just go to your web browser and search
union made products and see what is out there before going to one of the nearby chain stores.
Buy America, Shop America.




Running for political office is not easy. 

It takes commitment, time and money to do it right, and the Oregon Labor Candidate School
is here to support union members who are ready to run and win. Serving in elected office
means your voice and skills will help build an Oregon where working people have a fair shot
at prosperity.  2018 is the year to prepare yourself to be that voice.

Applications are now being accepted for our spring course starting in March in Eugene. 
In Portland, monthly evening workshops covering an exciting range of campaign topics are
starting in February, and are open to members and workers' allies.  Find out about these
opportunities and more at www.oregonlaborcandidateschool.org and see for yourself what
some of our alumni have to say about serving in office.
Click the link below to watch a video on the school. 




Several sites for Labor History

History at the United States Department of Labor

AFL - CIO Labor History

Hawaii.edu website for History

Allen Lutins - An Eclectic List of Events in U.S. Labor History